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Big Poppa Smokers Exclusive Pack!

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Big Poppa Smokers BBQ Rub Pack SpecialTry the Big Poppa Smokers Rub Pack! Now you can try all of the Big Poppa Smokers line of BBQ rubs and save money at the same time. Included in this pack: Big Poppa's Sweet Money 14oz the sweet and delicate improvement to Big Poppa's Money rub that brought him and his team to victory at the 2012 American Royal Invitational! Big Poppa's Desert Gold 11.5oz package: Desert Gold goes deliciously on chicken, fish, or vegetables! More distinct than the other rubs, terms like "Meditterranean" or "citrusy" have been applied to this rub. Money 14oz Package: Big Poppa's competition rub, designed to impress judges and passerby alike. Just the right mix of sugar and salt! Happy Ending 2.9oz package: This is designed to complement the Money rub as a finishing dust, so you only need a little to bring out the full flavor! Big Poppa's Double Secret Steak Rub 14oz package: Perfect for steaks on the grill or any other red meat you may desire! Little Louie's Seasoned Garlic Salt w/Pepper 14.5oz: The classic all-purpose rub that features garlic and black pepper. Jallelujah jalapeno seasoning salt 14oz: A staff favorite - use this rub for a little heat. Works great on everything from eggs, mac n cheese, chicken, bloody Marys.. the possibilities are endless! Jallelujah Bacon Jalapeno Rub 140z: Jalapeno and bacon are a match made in heaven with this rub. Put it on corn, mashed potatoes, anything you want to add heat and bacon flavor to! Cuckoo Racha Chili Dust 10oz: Do you like Sriracha rooster sauce? This is it in dry form with a hint of sweetness. Big Poppa loves to use it on prime rib! Cash Cow Beef Rub 13oz: Our newest addition to the Big Poppa Smokers Rub line. This rub is exactly what you're looking for to enhance your beef dishes. This rub has already won perfect brisket scores across the nation during its prototype phase!

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