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Spatchcock Smoked Chicken Roast

Spatchcock Smoked Chicken Roast!

Chicken is still popular on the table and certainly when it comes from the grill. It is a versatile and affordable piece of meat that you can use in many directions and that can vary endlessly, both in taste and in execution. Today also a recipe for you with chicken.

'Spatchcock' what is that you might wonder?! It means the same as 'butterflying' translated flat to Dutch butterflies. Flattening poultry by removing the spine and cutting the sternum. If you then flatten the chicken (the poultry) it looks a bit like a butterfly in terms of shape. This way it is possible to grill in any case. But before we grill, I want to give the chicken a nice smoky taste. The best of 2 preparations so smoke + grill taste.



Step 1: Put the wood chips in a container under water.

Step 2: Salt the chicken whole on all sides and let it air dry for 30 minutes.

Step 3: Light your bbq and heat it to 100°C, arrange in an indirect way.

Step 4: Insert the Dot / Blue Dot probe into the chicken's thigh and set the thermometer to 60°C. Add the smoke wood to the smoldering coals. Place the chicken on your Q and close the lid. Let the smoke do its work.

Step 5: Mix the rubs and set aside. Finely chop the garlic and mix it with 5 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp lemon juice. Fresh lemon is the tastiest, but you can also from a bottle. Finally add 3 tbsp of the bbq rub and mix it well. Do this 1 for 1 and mix in between. Your herbal spread must remain spreadable.

Step 6: When the set temperature of the chicken has been reached, the chicken may come off. This has been given a nice smoke color. Let it rest for a few minutes.

Step 7: Meanwhile, convert your bbq into direct preparation (grilling). Also provide a cold zone where you can bring the chicken if it goes too fast. Pre-heat the bacon press on the grill / plancha.

Step 8: Now take the sharp knife (in use please use a boning knife crooked and flexible). Lay the chicken with the breast down and make a straight cut across the back from head to butt. Carefully cut the spine through the first cut along the vertebrae, around the vertebra and then along the vertebra. The last piece requires a little more force to cut through the legs. (Of course you can also use a wild scissors and cut the back out) Cut the breastbone a little on the inside and flatten your chicken. (If this is not clear then YouTube is full of videos)

Step 9: Now put the chicken back on the grill with the carcass down (In my case I already had the Ofyr up to temperature and the chicken could be put on). And now brush the chicken with your own oil marinade. Now turn the chicken (meat side down), place the bacon press on the carcass and push it. The bacon press provides more contact between the meat and the grill. Check the chicken for color if it is satisfactory, turn them back. Spread the remaining marinade gently over the chicken. Use the check thermometer to measure various places of your chicken. It is ready at a core of 71-72 ° C degrees.

* if the color goes a bit too fast, you can also pull the chicken to the cold zone and possibly close the lid.

Step 10: Let the chicken rest for 5-10 minutes before you cut it.

Tip: serve with grilled green asparagus, Flemish fries and a basil mayo.


Thanks to:

  • Home made meat specialties
  • Fire and smoke
  • Thermapen the Netherlands
    OFYR the Netherlands
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