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FAB P 16oz / 453 gram

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FAB Meat Enhancers for Injection & Marinating.

FAB B - For Beef

FAB B Lite - For Beef and Veal

FAB C - For Chicken and Poultry

NEW!  FAB C Dark - for chicken thighs and dark meat

FAB P - For Pork.

FAB is used by top competition BBQ teams...

FAB is the choice of champions! FAB users have won too many barbecue competitions to list (we wouldn't give away your secrets, anyway) with Grand Champion and 1st Place wins in all categories, including the American Royal, Jack Daniels and numerous regional competitions.

FAB is designed to:

Enhance natural meat flavors

Make your meats juicier

Improve texture for better slicing and taste

Increase yields.

It's not a rub... 
It's not a marinade... 
It has no spices or "flavor profile"...

So what is FAB?

FAB is a meat enhancer.

FAB enhances flavors - flavor enhancers magnify the flavors that are already there. They make everything more flavorful without altering them.

FAB retains natural juices - retains and adds lost juices, even through cooking. Water is returned to the muscle cells where it belongs, locking it in.

FAB adds natural meat flavor - layers of natural beef, chicken and pork flavor complement your cooking.

Remember when meat had real flavor? When chicken tasted like chicken, and beef like beef? Modern farming techniques bring meat to market faster than ever, but those same methods have robbed meat of its flavor. FAB makes it better!

The use of growth hormones, selective breeding and other techniques have made meats more affordable, but they’ve lost something. The average chicken you buy in the store is only six weeks old, and a report by the Iowa State University in 2008 states that faster-growing pigs have lower juiciness and tenderness than their slower-growing counterparts. This confirms what many of us have known all along—meat just doesn’t taste like it used to.

FAB brings back that flavor through innovative use of select ingredients and flavor enhancers, matched in perfect balance. FAB enhances the natural flavor of meat, but it doesn’t overpower it. FAB complements and fortifies the natural meat flavor. FAB'ed meat “tastes meatier”.

Simply put, FAB makes meat taste like it should, like used to...but there’s more to FAB than flavor. FAB also improves the texture of meat, making it juicier, more tender and easier to slice. It increases yield, too, by as much as 10% or more. By helping to retain the natural juices of meat, FAB locks in flavor.

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