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BBQ Guru CyberQ WIFI Ceramic (Keramisch/Kamado) Pakket Compleet!

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The new Ceramic Style Adaptor fits most medium to XL ceramic grills. The adaptor is rectangle and can be installed on the short or tall side depending on the height of your original damper slide.

For adaptor slides that are 2-1/4” to 3-1/4”, install the adaptor with the BBQ Guru logo at the bottom left so you can read it.

For adaptor slides that are 3-1/4” to 3-3/4”, remove the expansion clip from the adaptor. Rotate the adaptor 1/4 turn in a counterclockwise position.

Place the clip back on and install.


  • Big Green Egg (medium, large and XL)
  • Monolith & Saffire (all models)
  • Bastard & Grill Guru (all models from small till XL)
  • Kamado Joe (all models)
  • Primo Grills (all models)
  • GrillDome (all models)
  • Patton Kamado (all models except mini)
  • Auplex (all models except mini)

Comes with high-temp silicone kill plug.

Works in Just Four Easy Steps:

  • Attach the CyberQ to your grill or smoker
  • Place the ambient digital thermometer inside on the pit grate
  • Place one to three food digital thermometers in your meat
  • Set your desired temperature for both the cooker and your “food ready” temperatures

Then let it do its magic. You can set it and forget it with no worries because BBQ Guru’s proprietary technology monitors and controls the cooker, feeds the precise amount of oxygen to your fuel, and helps you achieve precise temperature control.

Overcooked meat is a thing of the past.


A favorite feature of the CyberQ is its WiFi capability. You can monitor AND control your CyberQ remotely from a web-based device such as your smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop.

Monitor Over WiFi

Want to watch the big game, hang out with friends, or play with your kids but feel anxious about the need to babysit your BBQ? Don’t worry! Check your cooker’s temperature and all your meats’ temperatures on your web-ready devices.

Control over WiFi

Some BBQ recipes have you adjust the level of heat in your cooker at different stages of the cook. What if you’re shopping and need to change the cooker’s temperature while you’re out? No problem. Just pull up your smartphone, connect to the CyberQ, make the adjustment, and it will automatically change to the new setting for you.

Say you’re stuck in traffic, and you see your meat is getting close to the “food ready” temperature earlier than expected. Just pull up your smartphone, connect to your CyberQ, and lower the cooker temperature to give yourself more time.

Never before has so much control of outdoor cooking on charcoal and wood been possible!


Activate the “Ramp Mode” feature and the CyberQ detects when your food is approaching its “done” temperature. It then shuts off the fan blades. That allows you more time to remove your meat at the perfect moment, avoiding the chances of overcooking.


Since opening your cooker’s or smoker’s lid can cause a quick drop in temperature. CyberQ’s built-in algorithms evaluate when a sudden drop in temperature has happened. It then automatically minimizes temperature disturbance and speeds up recovery time to the desired cooking temperature.


  • Proudly made in the USA
  • Comes with 1 pit probe and 3 food probes
  • Controls temperatures in the 32˚-475˚F range with +/- 2˚F accuracy
  • Runs on 100-240V AC power (12V DC power options available, sold separately)
  • High visibility back-lit LCD display
  • Connects easily to your home WiFi router for the ultimate in flexibility
  • Audible alarm sounds when cooking temperature indicates meat is ready
  • E-mail and text message alert capability (router and e-mail configuration required)
  • Rugged, armored high-temperature (500˚F) pit and food (meat) probes
  • Controls your pit and monitors up to three food (meat) temperatures
  • Full-time adaptive control algorithm learns how your pit behaves for better stability and accuracy
  • Open Lid Detection feature senses when the pit’s lid is open to recover quickly to the cooking temperature
  • Exclusive Ramp Mode feature lowers cooking heat as the meat temperature nears food ready temperature to avoid overcooking the meat
  • Real-time blower status indicator
  • Because of its precision, your charcoal burns more efficiently, lasts longer, and saves you money
  • Recipe booklet included


1x CyberQ WiFi Controller

1x 6' Pit Probe

3x 6' Food Pobe

1x 220v Adapter (EU)

1x Viper Fan

1x Adapter om de fan op de BBQ te plaatsen

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